Realtor #02053694

Helene cornell



Helene has 12 years experience in Real Estate specializing in design and investing. She has worked on a variety of real estate projects, most recently a boutique hotel she designed, built and sold. She Graduated with a BFA from University of Victoria, British Columbia, then started her 20 year careeras professional photographer traveling around the world.

This experience has developed her creative eye to find potential in all of her projects, and is hands on with all of the tools used to market and list your home. She creates and directs custom videos, and stages/ styles all of the photoshoots to create the most interest in your listing.Groomed to be an entrepreneur from a young ageHelene and her family continue to invest in Real property.

Her passion is to renovate projects and find potential in distressed properties where others may not. She also has hosted several design shows on HGTV and loves coming up with creative ways to market properties. She loves hosting and networking to build business. Helene is looking forward to working with you!